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The Aldershot Church of England Services Trust (ACEST) is a registered charity (number 204018) and is a trust with principally restricted funds. The income from the invested restricted fund is used to fulfil grant applications that meet the Trust's remit.

Remit for grant application:

"The Trustees shall apply the clear income of the charity for the purpose of furthering the religious and other charitable work of the Church of England amongst members and former members of the Armed Forces of the Crown resident or serving in the area of benefit, and the dependants of such members, and the promotion of the efficiency of the Armed Forces of the Crown by the provision of benefits not normally provided out of funds of the Exchequer."


Area of Benefit

Although the Trust has a long history associated with Aldershot, over the years, the area of benefit has expanded and now includes: Hampshire, Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, IoW, West & East Sussex, Kent and Oxfordshire. In 2022 the area of benefit was further expanded to include:-Somerset & Avon, Devonshire, Gloucestershire, Cornwall and Bristol.

Please note that the Trust cannot accept grant applications that do not fall within the above remit and area of benefit. Please contact the Clerk if you need further guidance.

Public Benefit

The Trustees are aware of and consider the Charity Commission's guidance on public benefit, and in particular, the specific guidance on charities for the advancement of religion.